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Covid-19 Tests

All our practices offer Covid-19 testing. Available are the PCR-test and the Panbio QuickTest. The decision on the relevant test is made by our doctors according to the BAG-criteria. In order to ease the workload of the test centres, we also test the accompagnying parents according to the BAG-criteria.

Covid-19 information for parents

Dear Parents

At Swiss Medi Kids we do our outmost to ensure a save consultation. Therefore, specific guidelines apply in our practices and we thank you in advance to follow the instructions of our staff. Patients with immune suppression or heart-lung-problems (asthma, heartfailure) shall consult a children hospital directly.

There are new testing criteria from the BAG since September, 25 2020. Please note that you can test your child at our clinics if you fulfill the criteria.

In Zurich, Winterthur und Lucerne you can walk-in without prenotice, in Wil you should call us for an appointment before any visit.

Please note that children so far have shown minor course of disease. Please follow the rules of the BAG (frequent hand washing, distancing).

Please note that for all persons older than 12 years masks are mandatory in all our practices. Only CE-certified maskes are allowed. Patients between 6 and 12 years are most welcome to wear a mask if possible.

There will be more positively tested cases. Not all of them will need hospitalization. Our doctors can also instruct home isolation. Further information on home-isolation.

If you are unsure, if your child can attend the school or if you need to consult a doctor, you can use this tool.