Psychological offer for children, adolescents, parents and families

At the Lucerne location, we will expand our services as of June 2023 and offer psychotherapy and psychological counseling for children, adolescents, parents and families. We are pleased to count Alexandra Blum (psychologist and federally recognized psychotherapist, additional training in emergency psychology), an experienced psychologist to our team and wish her a good start with us. Ms. Blum will offer appointments in our practice on Tuesdays from 9 AM to 5 PM.

The offer of psychotherapeutic consultation hours does not include test psychological clarifications. Should this become necessary in the course of the treatment, the patients will be referred to appropriate external institutions (e.g. outpatient child and adolescent psychiatry).

Psychotherapeutic support and counseling is adapted to the individual family situation. After an initial consultation, we decide together who, when, how often to come to the practice. There is the possibility for family discussions, parent discussions and also individual sessions with the children and adolescents. Depending on the topic, other important caregivers, therapists and people from the school environment can also be involved, of course only with the consent of the family and in compliance with the duty of confidentiality.
The offer includes both shorter consultations as well as longer lasting therapeutic support.

Possible topics can be, for example:
Fears, phobias and compulsions
Difficulties within the family
Difficulties at school
Problems with peers
Sadness, depression, suicidal thoughts
Sleep disturbances and nightmares
Difficulties or behavioral changes after experiencing exceptional situations
Attention deficit disorder (ADD, ADHD)
Aggression and conspicuous behavior

We do not currently offer this service at the other locations. Please ask your pediatrician about consultation hours with other service providers.


Our psychologist in Lucerne

About Alexandra Blum

In psychotherapy and psychological counseling I see myself as a process facilitator. The children, adolescents and their families are the experts for their respective life situations. Sometimes there are stages of life or situations in which family-external support can be helpful.
I have a systemic solution-oriented focus in my therapeutic work, which means that whenever possible I work with a resource-oriented and solution-oriented attitude with the people involved in a family system. It is very important to me not to see children and adolescents in isolation, but as part of a social system. I try to include their environment, whatever it may be, as far as possible in the support. Due to my integrative therapeutic training, I can flexibly adapt to the respective children and their families with different psychotherapeutic methods and working techniques.