Privacy policy August 15th, 2023

Patient information on handling personal data The following information outlines the purpose for which Swiss Medi Kids (hereinafter referred to as SMK) collects, stores or forwards your personal data and the personal data of your child. We also outline your rights and the rights of your child under the data protection act.

Responsibilities The body responsible for processing your personal data and in particular your child’s health data is SMK. If you have any questions about data protection or if you wish to exercise your rights under the Data Protection Act, please contact the practice staff or your doctor directly.

Collection and purpose of data processing The processing (collection, storage, use and retention) of your data and the health data of your child is based on legal requirements in order to fulfill the purpose of treatment and associated obligations. On the one hand, data is collected by the treating physician or the medical practice staff in the course of treatment. On the other hand, we also receive data from other physicians and health care professionals with whom your child has been or is being treated, provided you have given your consent. In addition, we inform your pediatrician about emergency visits to SMK, unless you explicitly object to it. In your child’s medical history, only data related to your child’s medical treatment will be processed. The medical history includes the personal information provided on the patient form, such as personal details, contact details and insurance information, as well as, among other things, the educational interview conducted as part of the treatment, collected health data such as medical histories, diagnoses, proposed treatments and results.

Retention period Your child’s medical history will be retained for 20 years from the last treatment. After that, it will be retained with explicit consent or securely deleted or destroyed.

Transfer of data We will only disclose your personal data and your child’s personal data, and in particular your child’s medical data, to external third parties if this is permitted or required by law, or if you have consented to the transfer of data as part of your treatment or by providing your pediatrician’s information on this form.

  • The data transfer to your child’s health insurance or the accident or disability insurance is for the purpose of billing for the services provided to your child. The type of data disclosed is guided by legal requirements.
  • Disclosure to cantonal and national authorities (e.g. cantonal medical officer, public health departments) happens due to legal requirements.
  • The necessary patient and invoice data will be passed on to the collection agency for the purpose of debt collection (collection of outstanding debts), for which you give your consent by signing this form.

In the case of walk-in patients who provide us with their pediatrician’s information, as standard practice, we will send a consultation report to the pediatrician. In addition, the transmission of data to other authorized recipients (e.g. pharmacies, laboratories, other physicians) depends on the treatment of your child and your corresponding consent.

Withdrawal of consent If you expressly consented to data processing, you can withdraw that consent in full or in part at any time. Withdrawal of consent or a request to amend the consent must be submitted in writing. The data processing will be stopped as soon as we have received your written withdrawal request, and if there are no other legal requirements needed for the stopping of the data processing. This does not affect the lawfulness of the data processing carried out before consent was withdrawn.

Subject access requests You have the right to obtain information about your personal data at any time. You can view your medical record or request a copy of it. Issuing a copy of the data may incur a charge. You will be notified in advance of any costs associated with preparing a copy.

Right of data transfer You have the right to request a copy of the data that we automatically or digitally process about you in a common, machine-readable format, either for yourself or a third party. This applies in particular to the disclosure of medical data to a healthcare professional of your choice. A direct data transfer to another entity can be requested, provided it is technically feasible.

Rectification of your data If you notice or believe that your data or the data of your child is incorrect or incomplete, you can demand a correction. If the correctness or completeness of your data cannot be established, you can have a notation added to indicate that a correction request was made.


Zurich, August 15th, 2023