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Parliamentary Group for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Swiss Medi Kids AG holds the children’s practices in Zurich, Winterthur and Lucerne and is a private limited company. The concept was launched in 2011 at Zurich’s main station to relieve the overcrowded children’s hospital. This is also in view of the increasingly serious shortage of pediatricians caused by the retirement of many pediatricians and the increasing part-time work of female pediatricians.
Swiss Medi Kids is thus an overflow valve in pediatric medical care. In addition, Swiss Medi Kids is an emergency practice recognized by the Zürimed district society, which makes a significant contribution to emergency care.

We are committed to maintaining high-quality pediatric and adolescent medicine in Switzerland in the expert group for pediatric and adolescent medicine. The demands of the expert group to politics and society can be found in the position paper.


Pediatrician chat Beehealthy- in cooperation with Hirslanden

In cooperation with Hirslanden we offer a pediatrician chat.

Is your child feeling unwell or sick? Are you not sure if a visit to the pediatrician is necessary?

With the Hirslanden app, you can get help right away if your child has symptoms. Chat with a pediatrician and have your child’s symptoms checked. Simply enter your child’s symptoms into the symptom checker and take a photo of the corresponding area. The pediatrician will receive the information and contact you to recommend a course of action.

The pediatricians of Swiss Medi Kids are available to you via chat function daily from 8 am to 8 pm. The chat with a pediatrician is a professional, fast and uncomplicated point of contact for questions about your child’s complaints and discomfort. The pediatrician will advise you and support you in all your concerns. In this way, your child and you will receive the best possible care.

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Cooperation with

We are committed to the integration of people with disabilities and cooperate with Currently one employee is already working in our practice and soon a second employee will join us. We thank very much for the placement and support.


Swiss Digital Health Roundtable

We are committed to the digitization of the Swiss healthcare system and are convinced that we will only make progress if we work together. That is why we are also part of the “Swiss Digital Health Roundtable”.

Interest Group of large medical practices

We are part of the Interest Group of Large Medical Practices (IGMG) and value the exchange very much.