APLS Courses
(Advanced Pediatric Life Support) 


1) Involvement SMK

Children are not just little adults. While there is a wide disseminated understanding how to provide first aid and basic life support among adults learned during driving courses among others, there is a lack of knowledge and training how to provide such aid to children. Swiss Medi Kids has been taking it upon itself to educate as many people as possible in emergency aid for children so that our little ones benefit from the best possible care in emergencies not only in our clinics but also outside in the field.

Our courses are all based on the principles of the ALSG (Advanced Life Support Group) but are adjusted to the preexisting medical know-how of our participants, following the simple fact that each and every rescuer always carries the most important help with her: OXYGEN. 


2) Basic Life Support as of the ALSG / Swiss Medi Kids as educational provider in conjunction with ES ASUR (Ecole Superieure d’Ambulancier et Soins d’ Urgence Romande)

ALSG stands for Advanced Life Support Group, a charity dedicated to saving life by providing training. This from Great Britain originating charity provides the so called APLS (Advanced Pediatric Life Support) course, similar to the PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) course which is mandatory for Pediatricians to gain specialty certification. Since ALGS is operating mainly in English speaking regions it is now that Swiss Medi Kids in conjunction with ES ASUR (Ecole Superieure d’Ambulancier et Soins d’ Urgence Romande) are representing the course in the German speaking region of Switzerland. At least twice a year ES ASUR, Swiss Medi Kids, and ALSG provide the APLS course at the Swiss Epilepsy Foundation (EPI Zenter) in Zurich. The course is tailored to physicians and other health care professionals. Many of Swiss Medi Kids employees have graduated from the course so to be able to routinely provide lifesaving measures during emergencies in the clinic. 


3) Courses for Pediatricians, certified nurses, and nurse aids 


Next APLS Courses:

08. to 09. April 2019, Zurich

01. to 02. September 2019, Zurich

If you are interested please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


4) Courses for professionals working with children in nurseries, kinder gardens, schools, swimming pools

Our courses provide professionals responsible for bigger numbers of children the necessary foundational education to initiate life saving measures in case of pediatric emergencies. Our course distinguishes itself from common first aid courses that we adapt our training taking into consideration the specifics of your environment  such as a child care center, so to provide best possible preparation for any emergency. 



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